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Welcome to Mediation Remedies your resolution team

Mediation Remedies provides skilled, distinguished and accredited conflict resolution practitioners to help businesses, the community and individuals avoid or resolve disputes or conflicts through our mediation services.

Mediation Remedies is focused on facilitating highly professional, diplomatic and responsive interventions intended to facilitate successful outcomes by all parties involved.

Mediation is a facilitated process known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR has become a widely used set of processes that continues to grow as a means of resolving matters including the most complex, high stakes cases. The benefit of successful mediation is that it addresses the parties’ interests or needs more effectively (timely), efficiently (cost saving) and in a confidential manner.

Whereas parties would normally resort to litigation, a formal process for settling disputes through the judicial system. With respect to litigation the parties hire legal representatives to represent them in Court; an adversarial legal contest usually to determine and enforce legal rights. This process is normally held in public and tends to create a winner and loser. Reaching an outcome is generally expensive, time consuming, taxing on the parties with a judgment published for the public to read.

Mediation Remedies the Law Society of NSW preferred Mediation Panel Members

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